New Trend of Stud earrings for Women

    Evoke the look of shooting stars with Adina's CZ Celestial Charms Stud Earring (Photo: Release)
    Evoke the look of shooting stars with Adina's CZ Celestial Charms Stud Earring (Photo: Release)
    Evoke the look of shooting stars with Adina's CZ Celestial Charms Stud Earring (Photo: Release)
    Evoke the look of shooting stars with Adina’s CZ Celestial Charms Stud Earring (Photo: Release)

    Classic stud earrings are hot in 2021, after being left in the back of the drawer for most of 2020. For much of 2020, women searched for ways to glam up their looks during Zoom calls. Bigger was better, and the focus was on eye-popping earrings that sometimes reached the shoulder.

    But, as people have started returning to workplaces and getting out socially, women are once again adopting a more subtle look, and stud earrings have taken center stage. From classic diamond earrings for women pearls to gemstones and enamel flowers, studs are once again must-have accessories. Trendsetters are wearing them alone and arranged in stylish patterns that often include several earring styles. 

    Fun and Flirty Styles Are Trending

    Earrings of all kinds can add a whimsical touch to any look, and many of the 2021 stud trends are especially playful. Tiny studs in rainbow colors are everywhere, and many women opt for quirky flowers, lightning bolts, stars, and even smiley faces. The look might be less bold than 202’s over-the-top jewelry, but this season’s studs are definitely conversation starters.  

    Butterflies and celestial bodies are also appearing on stud earrings and other jewelry. For example, customers shopping for earrings at Adina’s Jewels can find an assortment of butterfly-inspired designs made with crystals, diamonds, and colorful gemstones.

    Stacking Studs Is So “In” 

    From celebrities to stay-at-home moms, women everywhere are switching from a single piercing on each ear to a row of piercings on the outer edge of ears. This allows them to “stack” earrings, and stacking studs is one of the hottest looks right now.  

    Having more than one piercing allows for endless creativity. Women can wear a single, sedate pair or create a custom look by mixing and matching styles. The stacking trend has led to some must-have looks, such as wearing several earrings made of the same metal or creating a stack of elegant hoops. 

    Multiple Studs That Look Like One

    According to lifestyle publication The Pool, the several-studs-that-seem-like-one look is very chic. The trick is to select various earrings made with the same material. Then wear them close together on the ear to create the look of a single, stunning piece of jewelry.  

    This requires several piercings, which is also a popular trend. Multiple piercings make it possible to create almost unlimited designs using a variety of studs.    

    The Eye Shaped Design 

    In 2021, the eyes definitely have it. Jewelers offer a wide range of stud earrings that include eyes in the design or appear to be glittery eyes. Several can be worn along the ear, with each one having a unique look. There’s no set rule for wearing eye studs, but there is plenty of opportunity for creativity. 

    Bling Rings Add Sparkle 

    One of the most adventurous yet delicate looks of the season is the bling ring. Cosmopolitan fashion writers describe the trend as “a fit-for-a-princess style.” It’s ideal for women who have multiple piercings stacked up along their ears. 

    Trendsetters add multiple diamond studs along the ear, leading to pairs of delicate diamond huggies and studs with dangles. Naturally, fashionistas can use any combination of earrings to get the look, but choosing diamond earrings creates an elegant look that is hard to duplicate with other styles.  

    Charms Have Made it to the Ears. 

    Charms in every size and shape have been featured on fashion runways for the last few years, and designers have primarily added them to necklaces, chains, rings, and bracelets. In 2021, stud earrings with charms are hot. 

    It’s an easy look to get. Women can find a wide variety of studs that include delicate charms or create their own look by slipping a favorite charm over hoop earrings. Because charm jewelry has been around for decades, many trendsetters re-purpose old, favorite charms or tokens by adding them to hoops.  

    Festive Ear Parties Are Trending 

    As if the year’s trendiest stud earrings aren’t enough fun, many women have amped up the wattage by mixing and matching several earrings to create an eye-popping, fanciful look. The idea is to combine. fan favorites that would not normally be worn together to add interest and color.

    For example, models have been seen wearing several tiny diamond studs in the shape of moons, crosses, stars, and lightning bolts along their ears, with shoulder-length, colorful earrings in the last piercing. It’s a look that’s definitely hard to overlook.

    Dainty Stacks Offer a Low-Key Option 

    For those who love the idea of stacks but aren’t ready for too much glitz (or attention), the dainty stack offers a compromise. The idea is to wear three or four studs along the bottom of the ear, to create a delicate look. Diamond huggies make an especially dainty stack.

    This understated trend is ideal for the professional woman who wants to add a little sparkle to office wear without seeming too casual or over-the-top. It’s a good fit for even the most conservative business environments.

    Dangle Chains for a Great Look 

    Many fashionable ladies with lobe piercings are opting for studs that include dangly, fluttery chains. Not only is the look eye-catching, but the delicate swing of the chains adds interest. While the style might not be ideal for the office, it is perfect for casual wear and a must-have for after-hours recreation.  

    It’s easy to get the look by mixing and matching different styles like gold and diamond studs, but wearers can also use two or three matching earrings. It’s a style that is easy to customize for a unique look. 

    The Single Stud Is Always on Trend 

    Despite the season’s emphasis on bold new styles, colors, and multiple earring looks, classic single stud earrings will always be on-trend. A single diamond stud worn in each ear is a look that is ideal for a boardroom or ballroom. Gold, pearl, and large, colorful button studs are very in this year, too.  

    Stud earrings are trending in 2021, as women emerge from at-home work environments and search for a fresh look. Stackable looks that require multiple piercings are very trendy and often mix or match diamond, huggie, and hoop styles. Fashionistas are stacking studs shaped like eyes, butterflies, and stars. Stud earrings with dangling chains and charms are a hit, while single studs are still very much in style.


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