TOP 10 social networks


    There are five of the most famous social networks around the world, which are still leading in terms of audience, profit and other parameters. The leaders include Youtube, Facebook, Instagram e and two Chinese social networks WeChat e Weibo. However, for the current year 2021, there is already a much wider list of social networks that are not only popular, but also surpass their “competitors” in a number of ways.

    Today we will analyze the seven most popular social networks and tell you about the features of each.


    The social network founded in 2006 has a monthly audience of 350 million people. However, compared to de 2014, the growth of users has not increased by much. Then the number of users was only 310 million.

    The famous bird that flaunts on the Twitter logo means freedom and limitless limitless. And the name of the social network in translation means twitter, tweet. From here you can see a direct connection between the company logo and the name.


    The network was founded in 2004. Since 2014, the audience has grown from 900 million users to 2.7 billion. At the moment, this social network is the most popular in the whole world. The Facebook logo stands for consistency and stability. It changed several times. At first, the brand name was not as bright as it is now. The final logo was a corporate inscription, the font of which has the author’s style. The Facebook logo combines style sophistication, creativity and minimalism.


    A new network created in 2016 and released in September is Tiktok. Now the site is very popular, and users receive billions of dollars in coverage. Tiktok’s audience is not large, just over 1 billion people from different 150 countries every month.

    The Tiktok logo is simple and straightforward, which is why it is memorable. The brand name of the company is a combined emblem that combines lettering, drawing and flour.


    This is a social network that helps people around the world to be constantly in touch helps people around the world to be constantly in touch helps people around the world to be constantly in touch helps people around the world to be constantly in touch with romivimals. This year, Whatsapp has an audience of 1.5 billion users. A convenient and popular network was created in 2009 and for such a short time of its existence the creators of the povitelil povitelil povitelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozatelil pozateli

    The social network logo looks like a minimalistic icon that depicts a white telephone receiver on a bright green background.


    New in comparison with other social networks site, created in 2010. Its audience is 459 million users every month. As the statistics show, in comparison with de 2014 the number of people who regularly visit in comparison with 2014 the number of people who regularly enter the social leads in the socio-policy


    For the current year, the audience of this popular worldwide social network is equal to a fairly large number – 1.1 billion people per month. Founded in 2010, the site is actively recruiting users. Since 2014, the number of those who constantly log into the social network has grown from 100 million to 1.1 billion.

    The Instagram brand name is the image of the camera that is remembered at first sight.


    About 2.2 billion people visit Youtube every month. Youtube was founded in 2005 and continues to grow in popularity. The logo in the form of a white arrow on a red background remains unchanged and is known around the world. A striking yet simple brand name is complemented by the famous Youtube caption.


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