Best Places in Australia to Visit in Spring


    Visiting Australia during spring time can both be a blessing and a curse. Knowing which part of the country is best for a visit is a must if you want to make the best of your vacation. While you cannot go to the land Down-Under at this moment, nothing is stopping you from preparing for your travels in the coming 2022, when the restrictions are lifted. 

    Queensland: from Gold Coast to Brisbane and Port Douglas

    Queensland itself is the amusement park of Australia. With a ton of sights to see and the picturesque views, it may be just right for visiting in spring. If you count yourself as someone who’s into parties, beaches and attractions, but the scorching heat isn’t down your alley, then springtime Queensland is the best option for you. 

    Weather is mild from September to mid-November, when the first heat waves begin. Temperatures are similar to fall at an average of 15°-27°. Bring a jacket or two if you’re staying by the beach: cool ocean breeze takes away a couple degrees. Keep in mind, it can be much colder in the mornings and evenings, so having a change of clothes can be a great idea for long outings. 

    Before you start to eagerly plan for your trip, remember that getting an appropriate visa is required for all future tourists no matter where in Australia you decide to go. The Home Affairs department takes the application process really seriously, so include all necessary documents when you first apply to get your approval in a shorter time. Check the list of conditions on the official site to make sure you have all things ready. 

    A high quality visa photo is required for submission of both an electronic and paper application. 

    Must-Visit Places in Queensland

    Queensland offers plenty of choice for tourists with radically different preferences in leisure. Visiting Port Douglas and the Whitsundays in spring is a perfect option for someone who prefers chill, relaxed vacations to a rapid change of scenery. 

    1. Port Douglas 
    2. The Whitsundays 
    3. Gold Coast
    4. Brisbane
    5. Bundaberg

    To get to Port Douglas you may both make a short trip down from Cairns or head on a massive road trip starting in Brisbane. The latter option is suitable as much for experienced travellers as for the newbies. Along the way there’s a ton of scenic places with cosy accommodation available, if staying in a van isn’t your cup of tea. Port Douglas tours will have your breath taken away for sure. 

    Make a long stop at the Whitsundays, you won’t be regretting it in the slightest. A day-trip to Airlie beach is a must, which you can both plan yourself or book with a travel agency. Booking a boat to explore the shores is another great idea, particularly if you’re a fan of leisurely fishing in the open waters. 

    For more bravehearted tourists, there’s a scenic helicopter flight over the beaches. It’s rather costly, but the unforgettable memories make it all worth it. You’ll get back with at least a hundred screensaver worthy photos to make all your friends and family jealous. 

    Explore the Nightlife of Gold Coast and Brisbane

    Firstly, both destinations have a glossy, movie-scene worthy vibe that only a fool wouldn’t enjoy. Secondly, Brisbane as much as Gold Coast is suited for travelling with kids and by yourself equally. From chic nightclubs to daylong trips to Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World, if you choose to stay in Brisbane you won’t be disappointed. 

    Brisbane’s food scene is obscure: take a few days to enjoy the gastronomic experience it has to offer and a couple more to recover from it. Once you’re back on your feet, take a stroll down the river bank’s blooming bougainvillea arch and grab a few trinkets at the Night Markets. 

    For an absolutely cinematic and positively messy trip, backpack to Gold Coast. Stay at a motel or a backpacking accommodation, do the infamous pub crawl at Surfers Paradise or the Broadbeach and most importantly have the time of your life. 

    The land Down-Under is an unforgettable experience no matter the time of year. Although, safety first always: take all necessary precautions, bring a vaccination certificate and don’t forget to pack a bunch of fine outfits to show off.


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