Best Travel Gadgets for Vagabonds in 2021

    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

    In the past decades, business travel has reached an all-time high, creating buzz around the topic of travel accessories and essentials. Additionally, technology is growing and new innovations are emerging on an hourly basis, therefore, companies all over the world have started creating “travel gadgets” to make your life easier when on the go, and possibly even make the trip productive.

    A Global Travel Adapter (with USB Ports)

    Today, almost everyone goes overseas at least once in their life. Some people even travel overseas quite often, and for them, the constant adaptation to different adapters and ports can be a nightmare. This is what global travel adapters can eliminate, as these handy gadgets are equipped with all adapter styles, making them universally compatible. It’s also small and lightweight (depending on the model you buy), meaning you won’t need to sacrifice anything in exchange for this gadget.

    There are a lot of various brands and models out there to choose from, but at the end of the day, they all provide the same thing. The Tevina Travel Charger is the most beloved by travelers today, as it’s equipped with two USB ports, and is very lightweight, suitable for travel.

    Smart Suitcase

    If someone would have told you ten years ago that there will be a suitcase on the market that can charge your devices, weigh itself, be located anywhere in the world, and have a self-locking system, you probably wouldn’t believe them. However, the day has come to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

    The Bluesmart Smart Suitcase is everything travelers have been waiting for and so much more. For those who have travel plans taking up most of their calendar space, this suitcase is the best investment of the year. This model has won awards for its design and innovative technology and meets all international carry-on requirements. It even comes with an app, which tracks not only your complete travel but also the location of the luggage at all times.

    Mobile Wi-Fi

    Everyone hates the unreliable nature of unknown wi-fi connections and 4G connections. While they prove to be somewhat helpful for common people going on holiday, sometimes they can be the sole reason for stress in the lives of businessmen. Interrupted calls and conferences, slow and lagging GPS, missed notifications, can make or break some business travels.

    This is why it’s wise to invest in your own mobile wi-fi that you can take with you along the way. This device allows you to connect to your own, prepaid hotspot, therefore you can easily access your emails, make phone and video calls, listen to music, or just simply stay connected throughout your trip. There are various models on the market currently, and in order to find the perfect fit for you, it’s recommended to contact your mobile network provider directly.

    Smart Padlock

    Tiny keys and padlock combinations are the devils to a busy entrepreneur. But smart padlocks eliminate some of these security issues, by introducing innovative solutions for business travelers everywhere with which they can kiss keys and padlock combinations goodbye forever! With added features like sharing options and tamper alerts, the Master Lock is the top gadget today that offers personal security solutions for modern travelers.

    Victorinox PakMaster

    A lot of times, the moment you get off of the plane, you need to hurry to an important meeting. And while people are generally understanding, and can appreciate and empathize with the situation, it’s still a little awkward to arrive in creasy and worn-out clothing. Additionally, people much rather travel in comfortable clothing than tight skirts and pantyhose. 

    Enter the Victorinox PakMaster, which carefully protects your freshly pressed and folded clothing until you’re ready to wear them. There’s even a board that can help out people who are “folding challenged”, and presses down the materials for easy packing and unpacking. Whether it’s casual business attire for men or a full-on ball gown, this handy tool is there to help ease your mind.

    Verinox Frequent Flyer Carry-On

    Another revolutionary carry-on with innovative technological accessories, the Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On is another top pick for today’s travelers around the world. With the capacity of a surprising 34-liters, it’s surprisingly small and lightweight, due to its recessed wheels and handles. But the best part of this accessory is probably its sliding ID tag, USB port, built-in pen, or built-in SIM card replacement tool.

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash
    Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

    Whether you prefer buses, trains, or planes, noise-canceling headphones are a must if you want to remain sane by the end of the trip. The latest headphones that caught the attention of critics and travelers as well are the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Next to crystal-clear sound quality and noise-canceling, these headphones offer much more to their users.

    During calls, four microphones pick up and isolate your voice, eliminating any background noise. You can also make requests, as the headphones are optimized for Alexa and Google Assistant. But the cherry on top is its eleven levels of noise cancellation options that allow you to hear as much or as little as you want at the moment.

    These gadgets are definitely made to ease your experience while traveling and prove to be wise investments for frequent flyers everywhere. And while newer models and innovations are entering the market as we speak, these gadgets have proven to stand their ground on the battlefield that is frequent travel, thus proving to be wise investments in the long run.


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