How To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape


    If you already have a parting or are looking to change your style and add a parting, you’ll probably want to know how best to part it for the shape of your face.

    There are three stages to getting your parting right:

    1. Use the Right Products
    The first stage step to having healthy hair and a style that looks fantastic is to choose the right products.

    That means natural haircare items, such as those in the Olaplex range.

    This helps to ensure your hair is hydrated and nutrient is retained inside each strand. Not only does this help to prevent split ends and give your hair a glossy shine, but it also makes it easier to style.

    2. Know Your Face Shape
    To part your hair according to your face shape, you need to know your face shape!

     Round

    The classic round face has a rounded forehead and jawline, the angles are subtle and your face is roughly the same height and width.

     Square

    The square face is similar to the round face but the jawline and forehead are straighter and essentially the same width.

     Diamond

    A diamond face has a forehead and chin that are smaller than your cheeks. Again, the width and height are approximately the same.

     Oval

    Oval faces are similar to diamond faces but there is little difference between the width of the forehead and chin compared to the cheeks. Of course, they are still smaller to make the oval effect.

     Heart

    If your forehead is wider than your jawline and your cheeks the same width as your forehead you probably have a heart-shaped face.

     Rectangular

    Finally, if you have a straight hairline with minimal difference between the width of your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline, you are likely to have a rectangular face. It does need to be longer than it is wide.

    3. Select your Parting
    Once you have identified your face shape you can start thinking about the best parting for you. It is important to note that this is subjective and you should choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

    In general, a deep side part or a middle part is the best option for round faces. It heightens the length of your face and ensures symmetry.

    Equally, if you have a square face you’re likely to find a side parting with bangs is a great option. It softens the squareness of your face.

    Heart-shaped faces are best off with deep side partings that distract from the strong chin line and soften your face. It works best if the hair brushes against the side of your face, framing it and softening your features.

    If you have a diamond face you may wish to try side parts and avoid short bangs. This helps to accentuate strong cheekbones and allows your natural beauty to shine through.

    The luckiest people are those with oval faces as any type of parting can look great on your face, don’t be afraid to experiment!


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