Here’s How You Can Making Vaping Your Next Fashion Statement


    Fashion isn’t always about what you wear. You can show your style through the car you drive, the furnishings you choose and even the things you do, including your personal habits. Let’s face it that not so long ago, smoking itself was in fashion. That’s not true at all today, but you could argue that vaping has stepped in to take its place. The tips below can help you vape with as much style as you can muster.

    The Vaping Community
    If you’re in any doubt about vaping as a fashion accessory, all you have to do is take a look at the community that’s sprung up around the practice. This is an entire subculture in and of itself, and there are online discussion forums, meetup groups and even conventions and competitions focused around it.

    If you’re an extrovert, this is a great way to jump in and get involved and pick up some terrific fashion ideas inspired by the culture. However, if you aren’t much of a joiner, keep reading for more ideas.

    Choose Your Style
    To get started, you can choose from among several different styles and colors to pick the one that either feels most like you or most like the new you that you want to express. You can find the right dry herb vaporizer from a selection online to get started. Later, you could choose several different types of pens, mods and more so that you can change what you use according to your mood, where you’re going and how you’re dressed. You can even get custom-made options if you decide this is something that you really want to stick with.

    Choose Your Cases
    If you’re choosy about the bag or purse that you carry, you’ll want to get a stylish case as well. You can get boxes or pouches in various designs or materials, and you can also choose how you carry them. For example, you can purchase various straps, including cloth ones or chains, and you can wear them around your wrist or your neck.

    Stay on Top of Trends
    How do you stay on top of vaping trends? The same way you do any other. If you’re involved in the community, you can see what people are wearing and what accessories they’re using. You can also check out the looks people are sporting on websites and social media. It is a current global fashion trend to prioritize disabilities and inclusivity, but you might not know that if you didn’t have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. Even high fashion magazines may provide you with inspiration as vaping is turning up on runways, so they are a great resource for staying up to date. Do some mixing and
    matching to make the styles your own.

    Make Your Own Trend
    Of course, maybe the most enjoyable way to approach fashion is to follow your own approach. If you see a style you love and you want to imitate it, then by all means you should do so, but there’s no substitute for injecting your own creativity into the mix and pulling together a look that’s all you. Take inspiration from what you see around you and use it as a springboard to express yourself as originally as you can.


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