Revpanda sponsors two iGathering dinners


    Award-winning digital marketing agency Revpanda keeps expanding its presence in online industries, collaborating with the leading names in the iGaming sector and undertaking exciting new projects. This includes various events across the globe, and two SiGMA iGatherings in Amsterdam and Barcelona are the most recent ones sponsored by Revpanda.

    iGaming is one of the fastest growing online industries, and tight competition between developers, providers and casino sites ensures that players can enjoy the latest innovations. If you notice a cutting-edge feature at your favourite online casino or a clever idea in one of the new games, chances are that it was conceived at a SiGMA iGathering.

    About SiGMA iGathering

    iGatherings are networking events for the top executives and experts in the iGaming industry, where they can have a friendly chat about the newest industry trends and share their stories and experiences. They are organized by SiGMA, and two of the recent events in Amsterdam and Barcelona were sponsored by digital marketing agency Revpanda.

    These events were attended by an elite list of 150 C-level delegates of various iGaming organizations.SiGMA iGathering Amsterdam took place on September 29 at the QO Amsterdam Hotel’s Persijn Restaurant, and The SiGMA iGathering Barcelona, held on September 21 at El Restaurant Barceloneta. 

    Both events provided attendees with a chance to network. With the rapid growth of all things internet, reconnecting with old friends and meeting experts in various fields was a sure way to stay in touch with the newest trends and share ideas.

    About Revpanda

    Revpanda is an award-winning all-in-one digital agency that offers copywriting, translation, localization and SEO services, payment methods testing and various other ways to increase your revenue and build your digital presence. Revpanda’s partners include a wide range of iGaming heavyweights.

    Revpanda prides itself on using cutting-edge SEO strategies and offering advanced web development services, always keeping a high level of quality. The customer experience has been refined to the finest detail, providing friendly and professional service from the first phone call to post-launch support.


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