These conversation topics will help you to escape awkwardness on the first date


    The first date with a woman you are fond of is an exciting event, for sure. Since you only get to know each other, making a good impression plays a key role there. You probably want to surprise and intrigue your potential girlfriend. However, you need to find a way to escape boredom and awkwardness at first. Everyone knows – they are the main enemies of an exciting rendezvous. Only if you will be able to get rid of them – there is a future for your couple.

    But you don’t have to worry: we can help you with this complicated task! Today we’ll share with you the conversation topics that are perfect for the first date. No matter who you asked out: one of the single Russian brides or just your local girl – they will still work. As a bonus, we will discuss the absolute no-goes too. This knowledge will help you to appear fully equipped on any first date in your life.

    What to say?

    Bear in mind: it’s necessary to change topics promptly to avoid boredom. But what is it advisable to talk about, then? 

    • learning and work;
    • hobbies and interests;
    • life priorities and goals;
    • traveling and favorite leisure activities.

    It is crucial to remember what your conversationalist says on these topics. You need these facts to find common ground with a woman you like. It might be anything: from shared hobbies or tastes in music to similar work fields and travel plans. Never forget: with each smile on the face of your lady – you become closer to her since the level of trust increases. It’s an ideal basis for arranging a second date!

    If you do everything right – new conversation topics will arise of their own accord. But still – watch your girl’s reactions. As soon as the fun gives way to dullness – change the subject. Always maintain a friendly tone and don’t allow yourself criticism. Even if the views of your conversationalist are fundamentally different compared to yours.

    What to avoid?

    There are, of course, topics you don’t need to get into. Namely:

    • previous relationships;
    • your life success,
    • failures of others;
    • diseases,
    • politic.

    It is not hard to guess: all these points are associated with negativity. Except for success, but this is rather about bragging. No one likes such behavior, though. 

    No matter what you say – the way your woman reacts is important. Is it a condescending smile, accompanied by an expression of boredom on her face? Well, it’s a reason to think about what you are doing wrong. Approving looks and sincere laughs, in contrast, let you know she will remember this date! 

    To build on your mutual interest, we advise you to ask some of these curious questions.

    • Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
    • What would you spend a million dollars on?
    • What are the places you are excited to see? 
    • Do you like to read? If yes – what is your favorite one? 
    • If you find a Genie, what three wishes would you make?

    At the end of the rendezvous, offer to pay the bill for both of you. But don’t overdo it because some females see such gestures as hints they have financial problems. 

    It would also be nice to represent yourself as a gentleman and help your lady with her coat. If you have time – it wouldn’t even hurt to walk her home. Although, don’t offer to go up to the girl’s apartment. You don’t want to scare her off with your assertiveness, do you? It’s better not to rush – allow your potential girlfriend to do everything at her own pace. 


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