What are the Top Secrets to Combine Jeans


    If there is a basic in our wardrobe, without a doubt, that is the classic jean. It’s color, it’s comfort, it’s adaptation to all types of silhouettes and its fabric, among other things, have made jeans the star garment for all kinds of ‘looks’. The goal is to find different ways to combine our ‘denim’ to hit the mark at any time of the day. Join the trends that will make it, once again, the ‘must’ of our wardrobe. Still don’t know how to combine it?

    We don’t have to tell you that there are plenty of reasons to add some boyfriends to your collection. They are very comfortable and flattering jeans that we can combine with an infinite number of garments such as you can combine many of your outfit with khaki, black or gray jeans.

    For decades, jeans have been that basic that lives in all closets and to which we go knowing with total certainty that they will not disappoint us. Indeed, the cowboy is already part of our life. Although they have changed shape over and over again, it is proven that we can carry them with almost anything. Have you run out of ideas to combine jeans?

    Do not worry. Next, we show you some secrets to wear them according to their shape and color with other garments and accessories that you surely have in your collection.

    Tricks To Combine Jeans
    We owe the existence of the most versatile garment in our wardrobe to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, who in 1873 patented jeans. Although in the beginning they were designed as a work uniform for miners due to the resistance of their materials – decades later the cinema, and especially James Dean, helped to spread them among the youngest.

    But what began as a symbol of rebellion, a form of expression; Today it has become the most versatile and comfortable garment worn by women and with khaki jeans for men of all ages.

    As the range of models is practically endless: skinny, push up, mom, boyfriend, palazzo, etc; We show you some combinations that never fail.

    1. Boyfriends and American
    It goes without saying that adding a few boyfriends to your collection is a good thing. We can wear them with a myriad of garments, as they are both very comfortable and flattering. The loose fit and low rise of these jeans give them that casual and carefree look.
    It is evident that we can follow this line and combine them with sneakers or Converse for a
    casual outfit. The choice of footwear plays a crucial role in the final result of the ensemble.

    Therefore, if you want to give the look a 180º turn, nothing better than incorporating a jacket and high-heeled sandals or ankle boots.

    2. Mom Jeans And Shirt
    For jeans to be authentic mom jeans, they must not be too light or too dark; and they must be high waisted. That is, the jeans our mothers wore in the 90s.

    You can combine these jeans with many clothes; in fact, new influencers appear every day
    ready to enlighten us with their outfits. But if you still don’t know how, we recommend an infallible companion: The white shirt.

    Any white shirt or blouse tucked into mom jeans will be a sure hit. If you also add a belt and some heel to the look they will also be welcome.

    3. Skinny Jeans With Ankle Boots
    As you have seen, the empire of skinny pants has come up with competition, but that does not mean that we have banished them from the closet, since for many they are still their favorites.

    When combining skinny pants it is important to highlight the upper part of your body. That is, we must seek balance in the whole; therefore, a good option is to combine them with an oversize sweater, a long cardigan or even a kimono.These jeans are perfect to combine with ankle boots or over-the-knee boots; Especially in winter.

    4. Total Cowboy Look
    Do you want to try a total denim look? The options go beyond combining your grey jeans outfit with a jacket of the same fabric. For the upper part of your outfit, you can opt for a denim shirt or blouse or even a jumpsuit.In this simple monochrome outfit we must highlight our accessories.
    Therefore, choose colors that stand out, such as camel, red, orange or pink.If you dare with double denim, this is your moment, because this season is a trend.

    5. Cropped Flared Jeans And Heels
    These slightly flared low-rise, mid-rise jeans are a hit with it girls. We can say that they are
    halfway between culottes and bell bottoms. Its straight and ankle cut helps to lengthen the legs; For this reason, if we accompany them with a good pair of high-heeled shoes, it will further stylize our figure.

    6. Combine Jeans With Loafers
    Yes, loafers are also women’s shoes. They give our look a relaxed air, as well as comfort and elegance. Therefore, they are the ideal companion for any occasion.

    To be able to affirm, without fear of being wrong, that jeans will be with us for many more years. Of course, given the wide variety of shapes and cuts, you may need help when combining your new jeans. If this is your case, take note!


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