Tips to Capture the Best Social Media Profile Photo


    Your photos on your social media profiles should not look dull. Start taking the best photos today by following the tips on this guide.

    An impressive selfie can draw people into your social media. Since first impressions are crucial, especially if your social media accounts are meant for business and professional use, knowing the tricks in taking great selfies is important. Below is a guide in capturing the best selfie for every social media platform:


    You are most likely using Facebook to connect with friends and families. So, your profile photo can be more casual and simpler. You can take pictures while traveling or doing the things you love, then post them without thinking too hard. For instance, a selfie of you while admiring the beautiful scenery during your beach outing is a cool idea.

    A Facebook photo does not need to look like a professional photo. For example, you can have an unwanted shadow of coconut tree leaves on your face in a beach selfie photo.


    Just like Facebook, you don’t need a professional-looking Instagram profile picture, not unless it’s for business use. If you want your online friends to find you easily, it is also best to use the same profile photo for your social media sites.

    The trick to capturing the most Instagrammable profile picture is to use natural light as much as possible. Taking photos at golden hour is also a beautiful Instagram filter only nature can provide. Moreover, you can draw the viewer’s eye to your subject by taking advantage of the “leading lines,” such as buildings, roads, and natural elements.

    If you want to compile your most memorable Instagram profile photos taken during your favorite travels, convert them into a paperbound or hardcover picture memory book. This way, you can share your fun experiences with your family and friends while drinking a cup of coffee. You can even have them displayed on a bookcase shelf.


    A LinkedIn profile picture should be neat and professional. Since it is a social media platform intended for professional networking, profiles are meant to look like CVs.

    In LinkedIn, employers will be looking into your profile from time to time. So, as much as possible, you should upload a high-resolution image. Of course, the photo should look like you, so they won’t be confused when they meet you the next day.

    Aside from a professional shot wearing business attire, you may also take a photo wearing a simple white shirt. Getting your hair and makeup done is also a good idea to show that you put effort into your profile photo. But, make sure that you are still recognizable with all the makeup and hairstyling.

    Another trick to capture an impressive LinkedIn profile photo is ensuring that your face occupies 60% of the frame. For some social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, a picture of you at the mountain top might sound cool. However, this won’t work for professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

    The best social media profile photo is always captured in a well-lit area

    A room with enough light source is an excellent place to shoot a social media photo. A shaded area outdoor is another option for casual profile photos. Use natural light if you want to take a fun and wow-worthy social media selfie. It will allow your face to glow and add depth to emphasize your eye color.


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