How to Find the Best Organic CBD Oil?


    In this post, we will discuss where to buy CBD oil that comprises organic ingredients. There are several different types of CBD, and it’s important to understand what makes some organic and some not.

    Organic is a loosely used term in agriculture. While some states have rigorous standards, others have a low bar and non-existent oversight. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is still mostly unregulated, and it is up to the user.

    What is Organic CBD Oil?

    Organic is a term used to describe a plant grown without the help of pesticides, growth hormones, or other chemicals. The idea is to have a completely natural product free from artificial ingredients. 

    Organic CBD oil must contain organically grown hemp extract and organic carrier oil. There is a difference between organically sourced CBD and a completely natural product. 

    As we mentioned, the term organic gets used loosely. Some states allow certain pesticides or chemicals and still award the product with the organic seal. If you are looking for a 100% organic CBD oil free from any artificial ingredients, you need to check the state where the hemp was grown and look up their specific standards. 

    The Best Organic CBD Oil

    High-quality CBD oil is entirely free from artificial ingredients. Hemp grown in states with rigorous agricultural regulations will likely have better quality organic hemp. However, every farm is different, and the operators can choose to produce high-quality organic CBD. 

    There is a better chance that hemp coming from states like California will be closer to 100% organic than other states. 

    What is Certified Organic CBD Oil?

    There currently isn’t a standard for certified other than the USDA. So if you find CBD oil for sale that claims to be certified organic but doesn’t have the USDA’s approval, it isn’t legitimate. 

    USDA Certified CBD Oil

    The USDA is the only organization that has the authority to certify CBD products. After the Farm Bill was passed in 2014 that allowed industrial hemp production, the FDA allowed the USDA to certify farms. 

    There are very few brands that offer a full line of USDA-certified organic products. The certification is tough to obtain and includes a strict growing and extraction process. 

    Many brands claim to have USDA-certified hemp, but only a few are truly worthy of the title. In addition, some companies have a couple of certified products, but it doesn’t apply to their entire line. Getting the certification can take years due to the lengthy process and rigorous expectations. 

    How to Find All-Natural CBD Oil

    If you are in search of all-natural CBD products, including CBG for sale, it’s essential to pay attention to the authenticity of organic certification. Brands that have successfully completed the USDA’s rigorous process for organic certification will proudly display their prestigious honor. However, the challenge lies in the fact that some companies claim to offer USDA-certified CBD without even applying for the certification.

    Given the abundance of CBD companies in the crowded market, there often aren’t significant consequences for false claims. Nonetheless, reputable brands are cautious about misrepresenting their products and opt for transparency.

    To ensure you find genuine, all-natural CBD oil for sale, take the time to investigate the farming practices and extraction methods employed by the brands you are considering. Understanding the source and production process can lead you to reputable brands that prioritize quality and authenticity.”

    Find USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

    The best way to check if your CBD is certified organic from the USDA is to check their website. The Organic Integrity Database has a record of all products in every industry. You can search your CBD company’s name and find all the products that have been certified. 

    Remember that it is extremely difficult to pass the requirements set by the USDA. However, you can still find high quality organically grown CBD responsibly extracted without certification.


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