“A Perfect Pairing”: The New romantic comedy with Victoria Justice is perfect to watch this Friday night

Netflix released a new romantic comedy last Friday (19). In the story, Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice) works at a wine import company and seeks the title of General Sales Manager, but everything goes wrong when her best friend and her characterless boss steal her idea. Furious, she then decides to open her own business.

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Determined, Lola heads to Australia to win over a potential client, Vaughn Family Wines. But when she gets there, she discovers that in order to win over the owner, she will have to work on the sheep farm and deal with the beautiful and mysterious boss, Max (Adam Demos). At the beginning of the film, Lola is shown to be extremely focused, always working in her free time on the farm, but little by little she gets carried away by her new routine. As for Max, he is calm and patient, though sometimes sarcastic.

Lola ends up surprising Max with her skills and effort in the countryside, wins friends on the farm and experiences unique experiences that the big city did not provide. During the adventures, the executive and the boss fall in love, but he keeps a secret that makes her doubt his honesty and his feelings.

“A Perfect Pairing” is full of clichés and a heart-warming happy ending.



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