Anya Taylor-Joy reveals she almost fell down the stairs at the 2018 MET Gala

Anya Taylor-Joy, 26, recalled how she nearly fell down the stairs at the MET Gala in 2018 after getting caught in actress Hailee Steinfeld’s dress, 25.

“One of my favorite memories of the MET is the beautiful Hailee Steinfeld—who I hadn’t met before—she was in a long dress she saw and she didn’t see me,” said the long-running Queen’s Gambit star, who wore a gold Dolce & Gabbana “And she passed, and I got caught in her skirt and I was really going to fall down the stairs,” he continues.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon,47, quickly saved her from the fall. “An arm came out of nowhere, grabbed me and quickly pulled me to safety,” Joy said. Steinfeld was wearing a white long train Prabal Gurung dress. On Twitter, the actress commented, “Thank God for Jimmy Fallon and sincerely thank God for you ATJ…I can’t wait to meet you in person!!!”. The MET Gala 2022 takes place this Monday (2).


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