What can you do if you have no luck on dating sites?


    If you’ve been interested in Internet dating for more than a day, you’ve probably read other people’s success stories. Users tell how they managed to find their true love, how much this or that dating site helped them, how easy and relaxed everything was. Is it true? In many cases, yes. Does this mean that everything will be just as easy and hassle-free for you? Maybe, but that’s not most people’s experience.

    Thousands of people, day after day and month after month, go to dating sites and apps, trying to find their love, but without success. Why is this happening? Why do some make perfect matches almost immediately, while others simply waste their time?

    We decided to examine what causes failures on online dating sites, what mistakes many users make, and most importantly, how to increase your chances of success. We hope this will be useful to you.

    Why you have no luck in online dating

    One of the most common reasons for failure — you’re out of your league. To have a clearer understanding, let’s use an example. There’s a dating site for millionaires called MillionaireMatch. If you, the average user, can pass moderation and register here, the chances of meeting your love on this site will be extremely low. Because the audience here has very specific requirements.

    However, money is far from the only factor. There are many dating services for “mere mortals”, but which at the same time are very specialized. For example, sites for lovers of astrology, for pet owners, for bearded men and girls who like them, etc. If you decide to use a niche dating site that simply doesn’t suit you, you’re very unlikely to be successful in finding love.

    Another common reason for failure on dating sites is simple laziness or inattention when filling out a profile. Your account on a website or dating app is your calling card. If it is empty or all the data is filled hastily or thoughtlessly, your  profile will definitely not arouse interest from other users. See how other users fill out their accounts, and what attracts you the most in them. Also try to understand what appeals to the people you’d like to meet. Be inspired by good profiles, but be sure to express your own personality.. Be open and honest.

    5 tips to increase your chances of success

    Tip 1: Write about yourself honestly and do not invent a non-existent personality

    Sometimes it is very difficult to overcome the temptation to polish your own biography on the Internet in order to appear more successful, richer, fitter, hotter and better than we really are. Almost one in three dating sites users lie or at least exaggerate about themselves. But this approach is unhealthy and should be abandoned.

    The fact is that when your interaction with a potential partner goes offline, the truth will come out. And perhaps it will happen even earlier. If your acquaintance begins with lies and omissions, you can’t count on a long-lasting romantic relationship. Be honest with yourself and with your potential partner. It will be better for everyone!

    Tip 2: Update your profile photo regularly and don’t post pictures that are more than six months old

    Have you noticed that people  the same age seem to age faster than you? The fact is that we don’t notice gradual changes in our appearance, but we notice them in other people. Photos of you which are even six months old no longer match your current appearance. 

    If you post old photos, they may fool potential acquaintances. But when you meet, they will definitely see the difference. So try to regularly publish fresh pictures showing who you are now. At the same time, it’s not necessary to delete the old ones, let them remain in the archive to tell your story. Just update your photo album constantly — at least once every few months.

    Tip 3: Use video chats as an alternative to dating sites and apps

    Classic dating platforms are effective in theory, but in practice they have many serious disadvantages. Millions of people are wasting their time on them without achieving results. If you feel you’ve reached a dead end and that there are no opportunities for you on dating sites, it’s time to discover video chat.

    A good example is Omegle. This is the simplest anonymous video chat, and one of the first in the world. There are usually about 30 thousand people from all over the world online at any time. True, the site is quite primitive, with rather mediocre moderation. Therefore, we recommend investigating Omegle video chat alternatives: Ome.tv, VideochatOmegle.com, Chatspin.com,  Here you’ll have many more options, including gender and geographic filters, flexible settings for searching for people, as well as good moderation and support.

    Tip 4: If you see someone doesn’t suit you, you don’t need to keep talking.

    If you have been using dating sites for more than a while, you’ve probably come across the following situation. You interact with a person, you understand that they don’t suit you at all, but you continue to keep in touch so as not to offend them. This is how you make it worse for both of you — you’re wasting your time, and you’re giving them false hope.

    Therefore, when you feel an interaction won’t lead to anything, take a deep breath and inform the other person as tactfully as possible that nothing will come of it. The main thing is not to abruptly cut off interaction. Explain why you chose to do so and what is the reason for this decision. If you simply disappear, then the other person will worry for a long time about what they did wrong. Don’t make them suffer because you don’t have the courage to be honest. It’ll hurt you both in the moment, but you’ll both feel better afterwards.

    Tip 5: Be sure to take breaks when searching for your soulmate

    By logging into a website, a dating app, or a video chat every day, you turn the process of finding your love into a routine. Routine is always bad. If several days in a row turn out to be unsuccessful, it’s time to take a break for one or two days, or maybe even more. Try to distract yourself, switch to something else, do what you love, or just spend more time with friends. There’s a whole world for you out there, and it’s opening up again.

    After you take a break, you can return to the search for your soulmate with renewed vigor. Perhaps the time away will let you identify and correct the mistakes you made earlier, review your profile and correct it, or change your tactics.

    Be sure to take breaks. Even if you are not yet tired of searching. A dating site should never replace your real life.

    Failure is just an opportunity to learn

    Failures and mistakes are possible in any endeavor. And it’s not just about online dating. Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. Of course, you can completely abandon the online dating format and hope that you will meet your love offline. But the chances of this in our time are lower than ever.

    Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts to meet someone online and have a romantic relationship were unsuccessful. Take these failures as learning experiences that will be useful to you in the future. Sooner or later everything will change. And maybe it is your success story that will inspire someone else to try a dating service and find their destiny in future. Anything is possible!


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