What Is a Girdle?


    The girdle was invented in the 20th century. This is a type of partial corset but with time the shape and fashion change. There are several names for girdles like body shaper, waist trainer and waist cincher. The girdle gives body shape and supports the torso, and it extends below the hips. Griddles were first made from a type of elasticated fabrics now they are made of nylon, cotton blend, lace, tulle blend girdle and spandex. These were designed to smooth the hips and pull in the waist. Girdles are most commonly named waist trainers. 

    There are some rules for griddles:

    When buying a girdle, one should know that fits the body shape, is comfortable and makes you feel good. Some people buy too-tight girdles. Although girdles are a bit tight this does not mean that one should feel uncomfortable, unable to move and breathe properly. Choose something that feels comfortable and allows one to walk, sit and breathe without any hurdles.


    • Girdle types


    Girdles are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs to fit all types of bodies. Some women prefer to wear girdles as outwear so one needs to be more accurate regarding shopping. The girdles that are made of nylon and spandex trap heat in warm weather so for summers cotton blend girdles are ideal. These girdles allow a cooling effect, and they are breathable. Other types of girdles include elastane, lace, tulle and microfiber girdles.

     Today there is a wide variety of girdles that help smooth and define unique bodies. There is a wide variety of shape wears some are designed for the torso while others are designed to shape arms, tush and breasts. Shapewear has further typed they are as follows:


    • Waist cincher and tummy shaper


    These are the best shapewear that helps to define the waist. They create an hourglass shape body. One can find a variety of shapewear according to compression level. Waist cincher and tummy shaper can help to improve posture and reduce back pain


    • Butt and Hip Shaper


    The main purpose of the Hip and Butt shaper is to cover the hips. They help smooth the lower region of the tummy.

    • Post-surgical

    The post-surgical garments offer many benefits to patients that are recovering from surgery. The shapewear provides extra support and stability to the body and helps in healing the surgery. These help in blood regulation in this way helps in fast recovery. Post-surgical garments are available in different sizes and control levels. One should make sure to get a prescription from the doctor for the right recovery.

    • Seamless Shapewear

    Seamless shapewears help in never revealing any seams or panty lines. These types of garments come in different control levels and help in hiding the underwear. These are also known as a second skin as they are very thin. If a woman has a curvier figure, then seamless shapewear will become her best mate. 


    • Uses of girdles


    There are many functions of a girdle. Girdles have benefits for health and emotions. These benefits are seen in wearing girdles for a short period. Girdles help in back support such as Ann Michell’s Violeta Mid-Thigh Post-Surgical Girdle. These girdles are longer in the back. The post-pregnancy girdles are very helpful in making women look slimmer. These types of girdles support abdominal muscles. Some recent studies have shown that girdles play an important part in healing the c-section area. A postpartum girdle can help in reducing pain, discomfort and bleeding. 

    Wearing a girdle improves the posture, especially for women who work in offices for a long period. A girdle helps one to sit up straight and without bending. The last benefit is that the girdle helps in boosting, especially when wearing for a gathering.

    Thus, be sure to buy a comfortable shapewear!


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