5 Ways; How to wear jeans like a Man?


    In Nevada, rivet-reinforced pants were developed in 1873, giving rise to the first pair of jeans. Due to its distinctive wear qualities and durability, denim has now been launched into the top tier of modern fashion. History courses are interesting, but do you know what’s more fascinating?

    Discovering the most relaxed denim styles in today’s style guide; we’ll walk you through the nuances of men’s denim, from the fits to the outfit combinations that go best. So, buy tapered jeans for men to boost your style. 

    1. Selvedge Denim

    Unwashed or raw denim’s reinforced counterpart, selvedge denim, has neat, natural edges that won’t tear. Selvedge refers to the fabric’s outer edge, but raw denim refers to the overall features of the material finish, making it slightly different from the selvedge.

    Due to these qualities, it is also a more expensive cut. 

    Red stitching on the weft is frequently used to identify this cut (inner hem). You may wear several outfit combinations with raw denim, including denim jackets, t-shirts, collared shirts, and suits.

    2. Slim Jeans

    Due to its balance between fit and comfort, this cut of denim is most frequently chosen by males. Beginners in the denim game should start here and adjust their fit by becoming skinnier or looser as desired. Slim jeans have the benefit of forming a great silhouette by following the shape of your legs without entangling your lower half.

    Slim jeans may be paired with everything thanks to their flattering fit, including fitting t-shirts, collared shirts, and casual suits. Skinny jeans may feel tighter around the calves or thighs of men with more giant legs. If so, you may order one size larger; be careful to modify the hem and length as necessary. 

    3. Skinny Jeans

    The well-liked skinny fit is the next denim cut on the ladder. Standard slim jeans have a close leg cut with enough room for comfort (think loose-fitting tights). Due to their tapering finish from top to bottom, skinny jeans have the benefit of making you appear taller.

    They are most effective on slimmer men because too-tight jeans seem unattractive on those with broader frames. Since they have a more fitted appearance, skinny jeans is the best option for smarter casual appearances.

    4. Super Skinny Jeans

    Not for the fainthearted, very slim jeans are made to adhere to your legs like paint. Super narrow jeans, which have a more excellent elastin blend than cotton, work best on tall, lean people. The proportions won’t look well on you because big or bulkier-framed men shouldn’t wear thin jeans.

    However, wear skinny jeans with more casual tops if you want to look like a rock star. Do not wear these with a suit or in situations where smart casual attire is appropriate.

    5. Straight Jeans

    Straight jeans are standard cut, as the name implies, with the trouser leg falling straight from the knee to the hem. The diameter at your thighs, knees, calf, and ankles will remain the same because the fit and leg openings are often looser. Since several companies claim to specialize in this fit, you’ll frequently discover distinctive detailing, such as rivets or a particular fly configuration. 

     You have to choose jogg jeans. The most incredible layering options for straight jeans are typically looser fitting. If you don’t want to resemble a tube of six-week-old toothpaste, avoid going overly fitting at the top.

    The ideal way to wear double denim in this situation is with denim shirts, layered denim jackets, or knit field jackets. Straight jeans look great with even looser sweaters. The key here is uniformity in fit so that the top and bottom match.


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