Brad Pitt says he suffers from face blindness


Actor Brad Pitt revealed in an interview with GQ that he has been suffering from face blindness. This requires him to remember people’s faces, as he doesn’t recognize them as well. According to him, there is still no complete diagnosis. But in his experience, he says he suffers from the disease.

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He stated that he tries to remember people, but is often unable to, he fears that others will think he is distant, or inattentive. “Nobody believes me,” he said. Prosopagnosia is a neurological disorder, which makes it difficult for a person to recognize even close relatives. Treatment is with techniques to aid recognition, such as voice or smell recognition. The actor said that he has been suffering from this condition since 2013, and that this is why he stays at home for so long, without going out much.

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Brad Pitt is famous for roles in Hollywood history, such as in the films Troy, Fight Club, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, among others. Her love life also features prominently in the tabloids. He and Angelina Jolie split in 2019 after accusations of betrayal by him, and according to Jolie, for the safety of his family. The actor, who was once married to actress Jennifer Aniston, landed this week in Rome for a vacation.


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