Stranger Things part two is out: What to expect

Kate Bush, 63, commented on her return to the top of the music charts after Netflix put
Kate Bush, 63, commented on her return to the top of the music charts after Netflix put "Running up the hill" on the soundtrack to one of the episodes of season four of "Stranger Things." (Photo: Netflix release)

The second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things is finally among us, and Netflix promises great emotions. If you haven’t watched it run to the platform, and beware of spoilers in this post. Hawkings is in danger once again, and this time with a much bigger problem. Vecna ​​intends to dominate the city, and has already hinted that he will do anything to achieve it. Will Eleven be able to help her friends? And will Max be able to get rid of the big bad guy with Kate Bush’s music? Let ‘s debate. 

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In this second part, we still have the 3 cores divided in their moments initially. Hopper tries to escape the Russian prison with the help of Joyce, while Mike, Will and Jonathan along with Argyle try to find Eleven, who in turn is inside the Nina project trying to regain her powers, to help Hawkings. Already the inhabitants of the small town are trying to find a solution to defeat Vecna ​​and save Max and Edie. At first, the American military find our heroine, and after fighting she manages to escape. She joins a party of her friends, and they set off towards Hawkings. In the meantime, Hopper and his people manage to escape Russia. Some theories of possible deaths at the end of the season were raised. Indeed, there are some casualties in the cast, and some doubts about others. Actress Sadie Sink had already left the doubt of her return for the fifth season. However, her character’s fate remains uncertain at the end of this season.

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The two episodes released this Friday (01) have more than 4 hours added together. The Duffer brothers promised and delivered a great season finale. In addition to the great final battle, some scenes of great emotion draw attention, due to the richness of details, and the proximity of the audience to the situation. The group of children that is no longer such a child, has already accumulated 3 saviors of the world trophies. Volume 2 of the fourth season promises to break streaming records. Shortly after launch, the platform suffered instability due to high demand. The question that doesn’t want to be silent: Where’s the fifth season, Netflix owner? There’s a baby running around here.


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