How to Use Web Wallets to Make Payments in Online Casinos?


    If you want to bet real money in the non GamStop casino, you are spoiled for choice when making a deposit. Payment by credit card is standard for many users today. Transfer service providers such as Wire Transfer have also established themselves. The so-called web wallets are often even more convenient. They are characterised by low fees, lightning-fast transactions and much uncomplicated handling. In today’s blog post we want to compare three of the most popular web wallets: Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Read on to find out which deposit method performed best in the test.

    Web Wallets in Comparison – What Is the Best Option for Non GamStop Casinos Players?

    In almost all non GamStop casinos, it is possible to gamble with play money. But for most of us, the real action doesn’t start until real money is played. In order to play in a casino not on GamStop with real money, it is necessary to make deposits. Of course, we want to have any winnings paid out back to our account. Therefore, there must also be ways to pay out winnings.

    One way to make deposits and withdrawals in an online casino is the so-called “web wallets”. Web wallets have become increasingly established in the non GamStop casino sector in recent years and are now the most popular method of making transactions in online casinos. In this article, we want to take a look at what web wallets are.

    What Are Web Wallets?

    The term web wallet comes from English and can be translated as an “internet wallet”. A web wallet is, therefore, an electronic account with a third-party provider into which money flows and which can of course, also be used to pay.

    To get started with a web wallet, you must first open an account with a provider. This is relatively easy to do via the website of the respective service provider.

    As part of the signup, you must specify an email address and a password for all three providers. Additional information such as address and telephone number is also required. Once this is done, your electronic purse is available to you. In the next step, let’s take a closer look at how deposits and withdrawals from a web wallet work.

    Deposits Into a Web Wallet

    After you have opened your account, it logically has no credit. Therefore you have to load credit onto your web wallet for the first time.

    Via Credit Card

    This can be done, for example, by making a credit card deposit. Almost all web wallets allow deposits with Mastercard or Visa Card. You link your web wallet to your credit card. If you make a deposit via the web wallet in the future, but this is empty, the web wallet will debit the deposit from your credit card.

    Via Bank Transfer or Direct Debit

    The second possibility to load a web wallet is via a bank transfer. You transfer an amount to the bank account of the respective web wallet provider. After the amount has arrived on the web wallet account, the amount will be credited to your web wallet. Here, too, there is the option of having direct debits made automatically. So you pay with the web wallet, and the amount is debited from the bank account. Depending on the provider, there are also plenty of other charging options to choose from.

    Withdrawals From a Web Wallet

    If you do not want to use your existing credit on your Web Wallet account for online transactions, you can, of course, also request a payout. This can be done as a chargeback to your credit card, or the web wallet will transfer the requested amount to your bank account. This transaction incurs fees that vary from provider to provider.

    Skrill vs. Neteller vs. Paypal: Who Is the Test Winner?

    In this case, the decision is quite clear: Skrill wins the test as the best web wallet for deposits in the casino. The very good acceptance at non GamStop casinos and the impressive speed with which Skrill transactions are processed are the deciding factors in our test.

    PayPal & Skrill Usability at Non GamStop Casinos – in comparison

    Although PayPal scores well when it comes to being free of fees, it is unfortunately only available in a few casinos. In addition, the transactions in our tests were a bit slower. That’s why Skrill is the better choice from our point of view. The only downside is the €3.95 you have to pay to withdraw money from your bank account.

    Paypal Quick Registration

    A pleasant extra feature that PayPal offers in cooperation with some casinos is the quick registration with PayPal. With this signup, you can register with the casino within a few clicks and make a PayPal deposit. The casino uses your Paypal data for this type of registration. In an earlier blog post, we have already written a detailed article for you on how to register quickly with PayPal, including screenshots.

    Skrill & Neteller Compared

    Neteller also draws the short straw compared to Skrill. The acceptance and speed are similarly good. However, withdrawals to bank accounts are almost twice as expensive as Neteller. That’s why Skrill wins the test in the comparison of the best web wallets.

    Acceptance of Neteller in Non GamStop Casinos

    Similar to Skrill, Neteller is offered as a payment method in almost every major online casino. As already mentioned with Skrill, if a casino does not offer Neteller, you should take a closer look at the casino.

    Speed of Payouts

    In terms of payout speed, Neteller is a bit slower than competitor Skrill. However, bank withdrawals are usually always available in your bank account within 48 hours (if the withdrawal was requested on a weekday).


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