Sofia Carson talks about producing and writing music for new Netflix movie: “I want people to fall in love with the story”

Sofia Carson composed the soundtrack, and also provides the voice for it. (Photo: Instagram)
Sofia Carson composed the soundtrack, and also provides the voice for it. (Photo: Instagram)

The movie Purple Hearts is already successful in several countries, and has conquered thousands of fans. The story is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Tess Wakefield. The plot revolves around Marine Luke Morrow and aspiring singer Cassie Salazar. Sofia Carson stars in the romantic drama alongside Nicholas Galitzine. The couple was highly praised for their on-screen chemistry, and even asked about a possible off-screen romance, is it? Sofia in addition to acting as Cassie, participated in the production of the film, and composed the songs of the soundtrack, which take her voice.

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The film arrived on Netflix on the 29th, and is already a fever among subscribers, who are already asking for a sequel. Sofia thanked her fans on her social media for their support and support. She stated that the composition of the last song “I didn’t know”, in partnership with Tranter Justin, was very intense. According to her, while writing, she imagined the scene, just over a year ago. She even said that this is her favorite song from the movie. The soundtrack is available on audio streams, and is being very popular with fans of the film. The actress and singer told ABC in an interview that what the story represents are these two hearts, one red and one blue, which together turn into purple. According to her, her intention is for people to identify with and fall in love with the story, and feel moved by it.

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Sofia Carson is known for her role in Disney’s “Descendants.” Nicholas, for his work on the live-action “Cinderella” starring Camila Cabello. In Purple Hearts, the two play a couple who learn to love and respect each other over time. Cassie is diabetic and needs specific medical care, which her insurance does not cover. Luke, on the other hand, is a Marine who enlists to try to regain his father’s respect. The two marry as an agreement, to benefit both sides, with good health insurance for her, and a pay raise for him. The two need to pretend to be in love really well. Whether in letters, emails, video calls. After being injured in combat, he needs to live with Cassie, and from there a romance begins to structure between the two. An exciting and captivating film, according to the critics.


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