5 Celebrities That Have Become Crypto Investors


    It’s no secret that some celebrities are big supporters of crypto. Since Bitcoin exploded in popularity back in 2010, an endless number of celebrities have jumped on the crypto hype train that has kept on going to the present day. However, some celebrities were only in it for the short term. The list of 5 celebrities below are individuals who are genuine crypto investors. As soon as you’re ready, you can dive into the details. 


    • 50 Cent 


    Back in 2014, 50 Cent allowed people to buy his album – Animal Ambition – using Bitcoin. At the time, this was revolutionary, as nobody knew that Bitcoin was going to become the global force that it is today. Sure, Bitcoin was popular in 2014, but it was only a few years old and people assumed that it was a fad that would quickly fade away. 

    Fast forward several years later, 50 Cent remembered that he had sold some albums and received Bitcoin for them (700 coins, specifically). To his surprise, he had accidentally made himself a Bitcoin millionaire. 

    50 is a shrewd businessman and is said to have a broad crypto portfolio that doesn’t solely include Bitcoin. He and his team use various online resources, such as stock price charts, that help them to make smart trading decisions. For example, you can take a look at Terra stock price at okx.com, which gives you an insight into how Terra (a popular cryptocurrency) is doing on the market. 

    In addition to 50 Cent, there’s also Rick Ross, who is widely considered one of the best (and funniest) rappers of all time. Rick Ross has allegedly invested in cryptocurrencies before but wants to know how he can earn millions from it. He famously went on Instagram Live and questioned how so many people have become crypto-millionaires, asking them to “show us!” where the money is. 


    • Elon Musk 


    Elon Musk is a tech giant who (on more than one occasion) has expressed his love for crypto. 

    It’s not known for certain how many cryptocurrencies Mr. Musk has invested in. However, we do know for certain that he has invested in Bitcoin and Dogecoin (slightly less popular crypto). 


    • Logan Paul


    Logan Paul is known for always keeping up-to-date with the latest global trends; from collecting Pokémon cards to celebrity boxing. 

    On top of this, he has also invested in cryptocurrencies, tweeting “It’s so exciting”. 


    • Matt Damon 


    Matt Damon, the famous Hollywood actor, is a crypto fan, too. 

    Not too long ago, Matt Damon worked as an ambassador for Crypto.com, as he was the face of the Fortune Favors the Brave ad campaign. 


    • Mike Tyson 


    Finally, there’s the notorious Mike Tyson

    Since retiring from boxing, Mike Tyson has started several of his business ventures. 

    Unsurprisingly, one of them has been crypto investing.  

    Iron Mike said at the start of 2022 that he was “all in on Solana”, which is an up-and-coming blockchain that uses SOL as its native cryptocurrency. 


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