Cardi B receives ‘Renaissance’ vinyl autographed by Beyoncé: “I’m going to put it in a glass frame”

Cardi B received a special gift and shared it with her followers on social media. This Monday (19), the rapper appeared on her Instagram stories super excited to show a surprise she received from Beyoncé.

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The singer won an autographed and dedicated vinyl of “Renaissance”, the new album by Beyoncé. The fan was flattered and said she would put it in a frame to protect it from everyone. 

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“Look what Beyoncé sent me, read this! This is so beautiful and so lovely that I’m going to put it in a glass frame with laser beams and anyone who comes close to it will be electrocuted right away. Thank you so much, I feel so special,” she said.

Cardi B also took the opportunity to sing “Plastic Off The Sofa”, one of the tracks on the diva’s album.


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