‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ | Deleted Scene Reveals Change in Zeus’ Narrative

This week, Marvel fans got a surprise: a new deleted scene from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The video was released by People and reveals a very different narrative for Zeus (Russell Crowe).

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In the images, Thor appears with Jane and Zeus. Apparently the God of Thunder would have a much greater presence in the plot than we saw in the final cut shown in theaters. The character appears in one of the final scenes of the film, declaring that there is a way to help Thor.

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The Marvel film is already the seventh highest grossing of the year, behind ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ ($1.2B), ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ ($954.3M), ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ ($904.4 M) and ‘Batman’ (US$770.8M). In addition, it became the second largest in the franchise, ahead of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ ($644 million) and behind ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ ($853 million).

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is now available on Disney+.

Check out the deleted scene:


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