‘Top Gun’: Joseph Kosinski comments on the possibility of a new sequel

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is a hit in theaters around the world, and after the billion-dollar debut everyone wants to know if the production will have a new sequel. Director Joseph Kosinski answered the question in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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The filmmaker reveals that Paramount has yet to order a new ‘Top Gun’. “I think if another movie were to happen, it would happen very much in the same way that this one did, which is coming up with a story for Maverick that absolutely has to be told. We’re all enjoying the release of this movie because it was such a long journey. It was five years for me and 35 years for Jerry [Bruckheimer] and Tom. So we’re all just enjoying the response that this film’s gotten”, he said. 

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However, Kosinski does not rule out the possibility of a sequel to Maverick: “And maybe down the road, if we come up with a story that feels like it absolutely has to happen, then maybe it will, but right now, I think we’re all just enjoying the relief of getting this one out the door”.


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