Harry Styles releases music video for ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’

Harry Styles released last Thursday (27), the long-awaited video for “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”. The song is part of the star’s third album, “Harry’s House”, released in May this year.

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In the super fun video, Styles appears in a bearded version and a tentacle tail. He is a species of squid, half human, half fish, that is captured by a group of fishermen and taken to the restaurant Gill’s Lounge, where they prepare him for food. But when he starts singing, he enchants everyone with his voice and puts on a real show. From that moment on, he starts acting like a demanding pop star, however, his voice starts to fail and he goes back to the pot.

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‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’, has a composition signed by the singer himself, alongside Thomas Hull, Tyler Johnson and Mitch Rowland. Watch the clip below:


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