Mesh dress: how to wear it without being vulgar?


    That does not avoid the great doubt: how to combine it so that it does not seem excessive? What garment to wear under transparency is a universal doubt that confronts us with the danger of ridicule.

    Are you thinking of buying a transparent dress? How to manage to wear it with style and safety? The only way is to know the style tricks and make it trendy and elegant. Here, are our most valuable tips.

    1. With biker:

    The mint lace dress is perfect over cycling shorts. Whether it’s a mini mesh floral dress or a long dress, shorts under the sheer dress are perfect. Opt for a short model in stretch cotton with a fitted body that contrasts with the color of the dress. As for the top, a matching bralette without seams: we opted for a triangle or straight band.

    1. Nude petticoat: 

    Under the transparent black lace dress, a nude petticoat is always elegant. Our grandmothers used it and now we do too. The eternal garment that never goes out of style is one of the simplest and most versatile. If the idea is not to show too much, we can put under the transparent dress a petticoat with a clean line, without embroidery or lace. Choose a stretch cotton one if the dress is tight and, if not, go for a silk one. The key: always be shorter than the dress.

    1. Maxi T-shirt:

    From sexy garments to rock garments? Only with an oversized shirt, elegant and stylish!

    What do you think about opting for an oversize t-shirt? We say yes to giving it a touch of rebellion and reinventing the transparent dress.

    1. Bodysuit:

    The body is very fashionable and, in recent times, to the classic microfiber models designed to be used as intimate garments, others with lace or applications have even been added to show off. You can wear the simplest bodysuit under the sheer dress to make it opaque during the day, while you can go for a more sophisticated model to wear under an evening dress. The final result is feminine and minimizes the danger of falling into vulgarity.

    1. Tight skirt:

    Do you want the effect we see that we don’t see? Wear a tight skirt under a sheer lace trim dress. They give maximum coverage and underline the shapes. The effect is sexy yet refined, especially if you combine it with a bra top in the same color: a great alternative to a bra, especially for those who don’t have gravity problems.

    A piece of advice: better to wear the miniskirt at night instead of during the day under the transparent dress, opting for shorts when the transparent dress is more casual than elegant. There are also models specifically designed to be worn under clothing, with a slight containment effect: ideal if you have a little belly.

    1. Culotte:

    Whether it’s a boho dress or a long evening dress, the high-waisted culotte provides the elegance that the garment needs. Choose one that is clearly consistent with the dress and visible. Focus on simplicity: the more minimal and simple, the more spectacular the effect it will have on the look.

    1. Jeans:

    The idea of ​​wearing a transparent dress with style is represented by jeans. Make sure that they are always visible under the dress, preferring an asymmetrical model.

    When you thought that the cowboy was impossible to get into this look, you realize that it is spectacular. Being the most opaque fabric that exists, here there will be no danger of going vulgar. On the contrary, the result will always be comfortable and sophisticated.

    1. Combined underwear:

    At, you will find many models of halter satin dress, including the successful denim miniskirts, which you can combine with all your t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, and shirts. In addition, in our online catalog, you will find mini-skirts in all sizes, from S to large size. Come now and buy your dresses online to wear them this new season.

    It sounds simple, but choosing underwear to wear under a see-through dress is no easy feat. It must cover well and, above all, combine top and bottom. There are two alternatives: choose the color of the underwear identical to the dress or look for contrast.

    If you don’t want to make a mistake, the first option is better. If the dress you want to wear is not very transparent and white, then you will need to pay close attention to the underwear you wear, even if there is only one rule: it should be as plain and thick as possible. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a dark, see-through dress, then the underwear will be black. A valid alternative is a bikini.


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