Shakira is spotted cheering for her son at a baseball game

This Friday (7), Shakira was seen cheering for her eldest son Milan, 9, during a baseball game in Valencia, Spain. The artist was very excited, jumping and clapping to motivate the boy. Gerard Piqué was also there, but they kept their distance from each other.

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According to The Sun, Shakira and Piqué watched Milan play, but “they decided to sit awkwardly away from each other as they watched Milan in action”. Also according to the newspaper, the ex-couple tries to maintain their friendship for the sake of their children. It is worth noting that this was not the first time that the two were seen following a match played by their son.

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The Barcelona defender wore a shirt with the name of Milan, sunglasses and a white cap to try to be discreet, and did not show much emotion. Shakira and Gerad Piqué are still in the process of separating, the two were together since 2010 and announced the end in June due to the betrayal of Piqué, who is currently in a relationship. They are also parents to Sasha, 7.


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