Tattoo removed? Pete Davidson reportedly removed Kim Kardashian quote from skin


Comedian Pete Davidson reportedly had his tattoo removed, which was met with criticism and praise. He had tattooed ‘My girl is a lawyer’ in reference to then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Removal takes place after two months of the couple’s breakup. Davidson showed up with a bandage on the spot where the tattoo is. Even so, the Daily Mail learned that it was a bandage for a scene. The removal of the tattoo caused an uproar on social media, but the actor did not confirm anything.

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This was the muse’s first public relationship since splitting with Kanye West. The first time they were spotted together, the couple shocked fans, and denied everything. As of the beginning of this year, Kim and Kanye were considered in court to be single. The divorce process is still ongoing. From there, Kim and Davidson began to make public appearances, such as at the Met Gala. The actor got several tattoos in honor of his beloved. In addition to the tattooed phrase, he also recorded the initials of Kim’s children’s names on his skin.

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Pete was spotted this week with a bandage on the exact spot where the famous phrase was inscribed. This could mean that it is in the process of being removed. But it could also be something inherent to your recording, from the new Bupkis project. Removal of a tattoo is performed via laser method, with several sessions. The actor has a habit of getting tattoos when he is in love. He has paid tributes to other ex-girlfriends, such as Ariana Grande and Cazzie David. The couple’s relationship ended in August.


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