Chris Hemsworth announces career break after diagnosis of genetic disease

The Australian actor protagonist of the movie Thor, Chris Hemsworth, revealed that he decided to take a break from his career. The announcement came after the actor found out that he is more likely to develop a neurodegenerative disease, at high risk.

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The disease in question is Alzheimer’s. After performing more specific genetic tests, the actor discovered that he has a high chance of developing the disease on a large scale, and at an early stage. All of this was done during the actor’s documentary series: ‘No Limits with Chris Hemsworth’, for Disney + and National Geographic.

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The examination showed that the actor has two copies of the ApoE4 gene, inherited from his parents. This means that he is ten times more likely to develop the disease, as the gene comes from both sides. In view of this, and other experiences during the documentary, Chris decided to take some time away from the cameras, and dedicate his time to his family. It is worth noting that this is not a diagnosis, but a strong indication. Furthermore, he revealed that his grandfather has the disease at the moment, and is undergoing treatment. The actor’s intention is to spend quality time with his family at home.


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