Is it legal to ship hemp and cannabis seeds to Europe?


    Due to the European position on the free movement of goods, it is possible to receive hemp seeds in Most European countries. 

    Many seed banks have been established in Europe and specialise in the cultivation and trade of hemp seeds, and you can also buy auto-flowering seeds online

    The most important trade is with the Netherlands, but there is also an ample supply to Most European countries, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and Austria. Thanks to the freedom of trade and competition applicable in Europe. 

    What is happening in Europe? 

    Customs has no control over these transactions as long as the products are adequately taxed when changing countries. 

    Resellers are still using discretion. Measures are taken to anonymise orders, payments and shipments. Seeds ordered this way are sent in neutral packaging and are generally identified as souvenirs. 

    Their shipment, therefore, raises a few unwelcome questions and is not subject to the law. Moreover, from a legal point of view, the trade in hemp seeds from EU countries is a particularly sensitive issue, as most European countries have a stringent policy on cannabis. 

    It is possible to possess seeds but not to germinate them. The circulation of seeds from other countries to most European countries is therefore not illegal per se as long as they are shipped from an EU country where trade in hemp seeds is legal (which is the case in most EU countries). 

    The paradox here lies in the supposed use of the seeds 

    The cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes or personal consumption is not allowed. However, the French government can only tolerate the purchase of seeds online, despite the high probability that they will be used for drug consumption. 

    The subject of therapeutic use remains contentious: despite committed advocacy by patients with various diseases, cannabis is hardly accepted as a medical treatment. 

    In France, for example, since 2013, some cannabis-containing medicines, such as Sativex – a spray treatment prescribed for multiple sclerosis – have been authorised in most European countries. 

    This is a late decision for France, as most other European countries have already legalised this type of treatment. The French government, however, is very cautious and has limited the prescription of the product to 28 days, after which a new prescription must be issued. 

    In many European countries, it is possible to buy cannabis seeds legally. In addition, hemp seeds can be shipped to all EU

    countries. There is, therefore, fierce competition between seed banks. 

    There are more than 100 dealers who can ship seeds all over Europe. Cannabis is an important economic sector worldwide, especially in Most European countries, where it contributes enormously to the enrichment of specialised e-traders. 

    Can we grow cannabis in European countries? 

    In most European countries, the status of hemp seeds and flowers depends mainly on the level of THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) they contain. 

    Hemp-based products – containing THC – come in various forms, such as capsules or liquid for electronic cigarettes. But other products can contain this substance, which is widely used by industry. For example, the construction, textile, cosmetics and food sectors use it for purposes other than drug use. For this reason, a derogation has been introduced whereby all products containing less than 0.2% THC are considered legal. 

    On the other hand, some types of hemp do not contain THC, which excludes them from any criminal liability. An amended decree of 22 August 1990 specifies the list of hemp varieties that can be used for commercial or industrial purposes. 

    In all cases, the authorisations in question concern only the use of seeds or fibres. The use of hemp flowers remains strictly prohibited. No finished product may contain traces of THC. 

    Despite the strict legislation, several cases are distinguished in practice. Cultivation for personal consumption only will have a less incriminating status than cultivation for resale or trafficking: in this case, the prosecution can lead to heavy penalties with, as mentioned above, fines of up to 7.5 million euros and 20 to 30 years in prison. 

    The seriousness of the situation depends, among other factors, on the variety of hemp grown, with some types containing very low levels of THC (less than 0.2%) or none. 

    Many farmers produce hemp for industrial purposes, such as textile production, insulation, animal feed, etc., which may require the substance for their preparation. In this case, the authorities declare and carefully control the cultivation. 

    The most prudent course of action for non-consumption users is officially declaring their cultivation. For this, it is necessary to submit a file to the proper federal or governmental services and departments on the pain of having the crop declared illegal. 

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