Nicole Scherzinger pays tribute to her friend Leslie Jordan

Pop diva Nicole Scherzinger paid tribute to her friend and co-worker Leslie Jordan. Heartbroken by the news, the singer published a series of records with the director, and was moved to report moments together. “I just can’t believe it,” she said.

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Nicole and Leslie were part of The Masked Singer, and have been very close lately. In her text, Nicole stated that you never know when the time is, and that you can’t take a second for granted. She thanked her friend for all the good things accomplished, and stated that he will be greatly missed. “You were a light and a blessing to this world,” she said.

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Leslie Jordan is known for works like ‘Will & Grace’, ‘The cool kids’, and especially ‘American Horror Story’. The actor and director died at the age of 67 after a car accident. According to TMZ sources, the actor was driving a vehicle in Los Angeles, and after feeling ill, he ended up losing control of the car and crashing into the side of a building.


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