“Emily in Paris” season 3 arrives on stream

The cast at the promotion of Emily in Paris. (Photo: Instagram)
The cast at the promotion of Emily in Paris. (Photo: Instagram)

The series that became the darling of the world, “Emily in Paris”, premiered its third part this week on Netflix with new adventures of the protagonist played by Lily Collins, establishing herself on the podium of first place among the most watched works on the platform. With the success of the first two seasons, the fourth segment will be released in 2023.

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Recently, the cast of the series has been publicizing the new season and Lily Collins, during interviews, disclosed her position on the evolution of her character: “In the 1st season, Emily was a fish out of water. She was in completely foreign territory and she felt like an outsider. In Season 2, she started to get used to her surroundings and co-workers, made new friends, and found a love interest.”

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Lily Collins reports that in this third installment, her character is more stabilized in the chaotic environment of Paris, France, “we left Season 2 trying to figure out where she was going. Would she stick with these new experiences or go back to what was comfortable and more familiar? We started Season 3 with Emily feeling grounded and having a real sense of herself in her new country and city.”


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