Henley Shirts: Best Festive Christmas Holiday Gifts For Men


    If you’re looking for a practical and stylish gift for a loved one this Christmas, the henley shirt is probably your best option. Aside from being comfortable, henleys are an outstanding balance between casual and semi-formal tops.

    When you give someone a henley, you give them a shirt they can wear anywhere and at any time. 

    These timeless classics will always remain in style, as Fresh Clean Threads shows. Check what these shirts are and what makes them the best holiday gifts for men.

    What Are Henley Shirts?

    Most men are familiar with the henley shirt as one of James Bond’s essentials. These shirts were originally used by rowers in the town of Henley-of-Thames in England back in the 1800s. But because of how stylish and comfortable these shirts are, they have remained a men’s fashion staple for centuries.

    The henley shirt is a collarless pullover with a placket that has between 3-5 buttons. It also has a signature round neckline which makes it ideal for men looking to frame and shape their bodies better. These shirts go with just about any outfit or dress code, which is why they’re an outstanding option for those looking for a fashionable gift to give.

    Why Henley Shirts Make the Best Holiday Gifts for Men

    Here are some of the reasons why henley shirts are considered some of the best holiday gifts for men.

    They Are Comfortable

    The first reason we highly recommend henleys this holiday season is comfort. You can ask just about any man out there, and they will tell you that they will only wear clothes that they feel comfortable in. Henleys are commonly made out of cotton, but you can also find wool and synthetic options on the market. But regardless of what material they are made of, they feel very good on the skin.

    One of the best things about henley shirts is that they are just as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt. So, when you give them as a gift, the recipient is sure to wear the shirt when grabbing coffee, going on a date, or heading to a party with friends.

    They Are Flexible

    Henleys are one of the best all-season tops for men. In the winter, you can wear a henley underneath other layers like flannel and a jacket. And because of the placket and the buttons, the shirt blends very well with the outer layers. On top of that, henley shirts allow you to stay warm when temperatures drop, especially when you layer your outfit.

    Henleys are also great summer tops. There are many long and short-sleeved henleys on the market made of breathable materials. That way, you can wear them with jeans and a nice pair of shoes when meeting friends for some summer fun.

    They Instantly Elevate Your Style

    While henley shirts are about as comfortable and flexible as your regular t-shirt, they aren’t as casual either. When you wear a henley, you aren’t wearing a regular tee, which instantly makes you appear more stylish and fashionable. If you have a friend or loved one looking to elevate their style, the henley shirt is a great option.


    Henleys are one of the best gifts you can give men this holiday season. These shirts are always in style, come in tons of colors, can be worn any time of the year, and are very comfortable, which is why you’re sure to put a smile on the person’s face when you give them a henley.

    It’s never too late to order a Christmas gift. So, if you think henleys are the right option for you, it might be time to check out your options and place your order!


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