Kardashian family targeted in Lamar Odom documentary

Lamar Odom in interviews (Photo: Instagram)
Lamar Odom in interviews (Photo: Instagram)

In the last week, the former basketball player Lamar Odom informed that he will launch the documentary “Sex, Drugs and Kardashian”, in December of this year, which reports on his life, disturbances, career and, mainly, the phase of his life in who was married to Khloé Kardashian and attended his ex-wife’s family parties.

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In an interview with the Good American program, Lamar talks about the use of illicit substances during his marriage to Khloé “behind the scenes, I put her in some situations. The things you think you know, it’s crazy. But the stories you don’t know are really crazy.”

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The former player also explains how important Kardashian was to his recovery after having an overdose in 2013, revealing that the ex-wife took pictures of his family so that he could remember his origins and stabilize.

In addition, when he participated in the Celebrity Big Brother program, in February 2022, Lamar Odom reports that he would like to go back in the face of the situations that Khloé experienced, “if I could withdraw, of course I would. I never meant to hurt you. My mind and head were not in the right place. I wasn’t taking care of myself.”


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