How To Enjoy A Memorable Trip In Greece


    Known as the Mediterranean gem, Greece is home to mesmerizing landscapes, stunning beaches and islands, and spectacular architecture. It’s no wonder why there has been a significant increase in the number of people visiting this country. Provisional data shared by the Bank of Greece reveals that travel rates increased by 16.7% within a year, from ₤1,150.4 million in October 2021 to ₤1,294.3 million in October 2022, according to Tornos News.  A trip to Greece gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn ancient history, enjoy delicious food, and interact with friendly locals. However, to make the most of your Greece vacation, there are several things you should do before your trip. Below are essential tips on how to enjoy a memorable trip in Greece.

    Plan Carefully

    Travelling to Greece will guarantee glorious memories, but planning your trip can be overwhelming. Like many tourists, you’ll want to enjoy the thrill of island hopping and explore Athens. You may also have concerns about navigating Greece, where to eat and sleep, what to pack, and how much you’ll spend.

    To make your trip unforgettable, create a list of things to do in Greece, like hiking on Mount Olympus, swimming, exploring the Acropolis, taking in the spectacular views in Santorini, and wine tasting. Also, think of the places you want to visit and budget wisely. Remember, a few days in Greece aren’t enough to explore all the historic sites, beautiful beaches, and natural landscapes. So, consider staying for at least ten days to enjoy your holiday.

    Explore Islands and Beaches

    With about 6,000 islands and islets, Greece is undoubtedly the perfect destination to enjoy island hopping. For a memorable experience, consider choosing areas based on your travel interests. For example, if you have a great interest in archeology, Crete is a perfect island to discover ancient remains. Meanwhile, a visit to Knossos, Crete’s outstanding ancient site, allows you to explore the Minoan palace, marvel at fascinating ancient art, and Minoan treasure.

    Other popular Greek Islands to explore are Lefkada, which is ideal for a range of ocean activities, Milos for a great beach experience, and Lesvos, Mykonos, and Santorini for a mix of everything. But if you are planning a relaxing beach vacation away from the crowds, consider less explored islands and beaches. Travelling to the Mani Peninsula, for instance, opens an opportunity for an amazing beach hopping holiday. Mani is home to secluded beaches, like Alipa, Limeni, and Skoutari surrounded by rugged terrain and traditional stone houses. With this in mind, be sure to pack your swimwear so you can explore the beaches in style. Besides beach hopping, you can embark on quiet fishing, boating, and road tripping around Mani.

    Timing Matters

    When planning your trip, it’s crucial to research the best time to visit Greece. As a general rule of thumb, avoid the peak season, which starts in late July to the end of August. Besides the scorching sun, you’ll pay high prices and have a hard time escaping the crowds. Ideal months to travel to Greece are January and February when the crowds are smaller. September, October, and November are perfect months to travel to Greece at affordable rates, while late spring and early fall are excellent seasons for island hopping.

    Whether you’re planning an unforgettable adventure or a relaxing beach vacation, Greece has everything to offer. Loaded with historic sites, beautiful beaches and islands, friendly locals, and mesmerizing architecture and landscapes, you’ll surely enjoy the best of Greece. However, you must plan and budget wisely, embrace island and beach hopping, and avoid traveling during the peak season for a memorable experience.


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