Understand the controversy between Shakira and Piqué after divorce

Shakira and Pique announced their separation in 2022. (Photo: Instagram)
Shakira and Pique announced their separation in 2022. (Photo: Instagram)

Shakira and Gerard Pique met on the set of the clip Waka Waka, Colombian’s hit song for the South Africa Cup in 2010. Since then it was noticeable the approach of the two, which soon culminated in a relationship. Recently, the two separated after betrayals on the part of the player. But things don’t stop there. The way it all happened, and the unfolding of everything, caught the public’s attention.

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Initially it was known that the reason for the separation was a betrayal. Spanish newspapers claim that the player cheated on the singer more than 50 times, with an unknown number of people. Besides, his ex-lover is now his current girlfriend. Clara Chía was also seen in a live of Pique, while still married to Shakira, at the couple’s home. And it doesn’t end there. The Colombian singer reportedly discovered the betrayal through a strawberry jam in the fridge at home. After all, only she liked the item, and it was over.

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Last but not least, Shakira released a song in partnership with Bizarrap. In this, the muse exposes in rhymes a very direct indirect to her ex-husband, and even mentions his name in a pun. Gerard Pique has been bombarded where he goes, while fans sing Shakira’s music. In the song, Shakira states that the ex swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, and a Rolex for a Casio. In addition, she declares that women today do not cry anymore, but they make money.


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