Lady Gaga embroiled in controversy for failing to pay reward for returning her dogs

According to the TMZ website, Jennifer McBride would be suing Lady Gaga for not having paid the amount offered, of 500 thousand dollars, for whoever finds and recovers her two dogs that were kidnapped in 2021. The woman who accuses the singer, would be involved in the disappearance of the French bulldogs.

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In the report, Jennifer McBride says that on February 26, she returned the singer’s dogs to the LAPD’s Olympic Community station, two days after the animals were kidnapped. However, the woman was blamed for the theft after receiving the objects and being an accomplice to the crime and, in addition, was dating the father of one of those responsible for the theft.

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Given this, the woman pleaded no contest to the charge and obtained two years of probation. But now, McBride wants to raise the bounty to the equivalent of $1.5 million, claiming the bounty was misleading.


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