Top reasons why mobile casino gaming is so popular with Gen Z


    Online casinos and gambling operators in general have struggled to appeal to members of the Gen Z generation. People born in the late 90s and early 2000s have different expectations from millennials and they appreciate different things. Many genres fail to appeal to them, but bingo is the exception and the online version is particularly popular. It may sound a little surprising that a game that used to be popular among boomers and those before them is back in the spotlight and played by Gen Z.

    A simple and casual mobile casino game

    Gen Z members are notorious for having less patience and they are used to enjoying quality content immediately. Such players don’t have the time or willingness to browse an extensive collection of casino games and learn the ropes of complicated titles. On the other hand, there are more likely to take a leap of faith with simple and entertaining games such as bingo, when you can play it online.

    The learning curve is virtually non-existent and even if you haven’t played bingo before you have an excellent chance to master it. Just like other popular casino games, bingo doesn’t require any previous experience and you can be just as successful as a seasoned player. At the end of the day, you only need luck to win and this is the reason why new players embrace it right away.

    Gen Z players are very conscious about the time they spend doing anything and are not willing to spend a lot on mobile casino gaming sessions. For them, it is vital to play games that are easily accessible require no experience, and conclude quickly. Bingo checks all these important boxes and players can hop on and off while making the most of a standard bingo session.

    Play bingo for free or real money

    Gen Z members have different interests compared to their predecessors and gambling is not necessarily at the top of their priority list. Furthermore, many people are reluctant to bet real currency on games of chance and prefer to spend their money differently. Not surprisingly, they were more interested in playing a game that present them with the option of free and real money games. Bingo can be played in a demo version at dedicated bingo rooms and online casinos using play money.

    Mobile devices have provided the strongest incentive for Gen Z players to give bingo a chance. They spend less time on computers and usually seek online entertainment on smartphones and tablets. The fact that these devices are now nearly as powerful as a computer means that they can run any game smoothly. Bingo is not a resource-consuming title, so players can fully enjoy it on handheld devices even if they don’t own the latest gadget.


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