Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski spotted together in Tokyo

This week, in Tokyo – Japan, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were seen together leaving a dinner and were spotted exchanging kisses and caresses in the middle of the street. The news began to spread through a video recorded by paparazzi on social networks.

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According to the Page Six website, Olivia Wilde was extremely upset with the model, who until then said she was her friend and a source close to the two reported that Emily Ratajkowski would have apologized to the actress and that she was trying to escape the rumors of the video. “She is getting away from it and going the right way. She is focused on her children and her work. Olivia doesn’t want to hear about this mess” she said.

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The story between Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski is not new. Since the time of One Direction, in an interview, the singer had informed that the model was one of his “crushes”. However, when the model was interviewed by Vanity Fair magazine, she denied the possibility that the new couple could form.

A second source reported: “Harry and Emily are enjoying getting to know each other. Being filmed kissing in Tokyo and sharing it with the world wasn’t what either of them expected, but they’re not hiding anything. They’ve known each other for a while, and just enjoying each other’s company when they can while Harry is on tour”.


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