Rumor has it that Justin Bieber plans to retire

Last Tuesday (29), according to information released by the website Radar Online, Justin Bieber would be intending to retire soon. Rumors began to emerge when the singer sold his music catalog copyright for 200 million dollars, equivalent to 1 billion reais.

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A source close to the singer reported that: “Justin has not been feeling comfortable with the world for a while now, fame is a burden for him, even his therapist has already said that he should put his career aside if what he does today is making him happy”. A second person also said that the voice of “Baby” suffers from the pressure of the music industry and that if he could, “he would disappear with Hailey Bieber and enjoy his money”.

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On his last tour “Justice World Tour”, with his album released, Justin Bieber was unable to complete all 132 scheduled shows due to exhaustion and health problems, with only 49 performances being held. The singer’s advisory has so far not commented.


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