“Wednesday” producer is irritated by Jenna Ortega’s statements

Recently, in an interview for “Variety” magazine, Jenna Ortega told a little more about the selection process for the series “Wednesday”, by Tim Burton, which conquered the public and had a huge success. In the statements, the actress claims that she almost didn’t take the job because she was tired of “doing things for TV”.


Jenna Ortega also revealed that she needed to modify some items in the script that was delivered: “It didn’t make the slightest sense for the character. There was a line about this dress that she needed to wear to a school dance and she said, ‘Oh my god I love this. Ugh, I can’t believe I said that. I literally hate myself.’ And I said, ‘No, not at all’.”

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“There were moments on that set where I became almost unprofessional, in a way, where I started to change lines. The script supervisor thought I was doing something, and then I would need to sit down with the writers and they would say, ‘ Wait, what happened to the scene?’ And I explained the reason for not being able to do certain things”, said the actress during the chat.

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On the other hand, Steven S. DeKnight, producer of “Wednesday”, on social networks, had negative comments about Jenna Ortega’s pronunciations, informing that the actress was unhappy when reporting on production details: “She is young, so maybe she doesn’t know , but it should. She also has to ask herself how she would feel if the showrunners did an interview and talked about how difficult she was and refused to perform the material”.


The producer also assured that “This type of statement is beyond pettiness and toxicity. I love her work, but life is too short to deal with people like that in the market”.


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