Source claims Justin Timberlake is behind Britney Spears new book

Justin Timberlake at podcast. (Photo: Instagram)
Justin Timberlake at podcast. (Photo: Instagram)

According to information disclosed by the website Radar Online, Justin Timberlake would be very worried and nervous to get an advance copy of the book by Britney Spears in which he exposes details about his personal and professional life.

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Since the singer stated that she intended to release her biography, rumors indicated that the princess of pop could expose information about one of the greatest couples of the 2000s and, with that, Justin Timberlake would be running out of time to get a preview even before the debut of the book.

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“Justin’s future is literally in Britney’s hands. She knows everything that really happened. He’s doing everything he can to get the bio before anyone else,” said an anonymous source. The singer has yet to comment on the matter.


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