Beyonce celebrates end of London residency with gifts for staff


Finishing another one of her trips to London, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which are part of the new world tour “Renaissance World Tour”, Beyoncé made a huge purchase of food for her team with a varied menu between fried chicken and various snacks, totaling an expense equivalent to two thousand euros.

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According to The Sun newspaper, Chicken Shop manager John Nelson said: “At The Chicken Shop, we are huge fans of Beyoncé and have watched with enthusiasm the ‘Bey-mania’ that swept London last week. It was amazing to know that we were her chicken shop of choice when it comes to fulfilling her guests’ desires at the exclusive event”.

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The newspaper also disclosed that the singer made VIP track tickets available to her butler, personal chef and concierge at the Hotel Corinthia, where she was staying. The disclosure highlighted that Beyoncé is always very kind to people who work with the artist and that she wants to do the same for them. “They did everything to look after her while she was in the UK, so she gifted them some of the best tickets you can get” completed the vehicle.


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