First time: Kylie Jenner is photographed at Timothée Chalamet’s house


Recently, through the paparazzi, during a family barbecue, Kylie Jenner was spotted for the first time at Timothée Chalamet’s house. The news released by the website Page Six, stated that the businesswoman was at the actor’s house for a few days and that the sisters of both, Kendall Jenner and Paulina Chalamet were present at the scene.

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A source close to Kardashian reported that the relationship is getting more and more serious: “Kylie likes to be courted by Timothée. They text, FaceTime, or communicate in some way almost every day. They have a really fun and flirty exchange, and he makes Kylie smile. She is letting him take the lead”

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“At the same time, she appreciates that he doesn’t feel the need to go overboard with grand gestures just to impress her. Despite what some people might think, Kylie really is down to earth and laid back. Eating some tacos and just hanging out is a perfect date idea for her. She’s having fun getting to know Timothée better”

Rumors that the reality star “The Kardashian” and the actor were together, emerged at the end of March and until then there was no clarification on the situation. But, it seems, the great cupid of the relationship would have been Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, who is a longtime friend of Timothée, which has been facilitating the actor’s entry into the business woman’s life.


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