Rumors claim Miley Cyrus joined a religious sect

The song is the first release from Miley's new album
The song is the first release from Miley's new album "Endless Summer Vacation", which will be released on all platforms on March 10th. (Photo: Instagram)

Last Wednesday (12), through social networks, rumors began to emerge that Miley Cyrus would have abandoned her musical career and the release of her latest album “Endless Summer Vacation”, to be part of a new religious sect. called “Modern Mystery School”. The singer reportedly became a member in February of this year.

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Apparently, to be part of the new society, it is necessary for its members to make sacrifices and secrecy contracts. Reportedly, “Modern Mystery School” is represented as a school offering “a transformative journey that will definitely change your life and can change the world”, with one of its goals being to uplift the minds of its members.

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To be part of the religious sect, which is present in 60 countries, it is necessary to make a minimum payment of US$ 20,000. ”. However, as a matter of controversy, former members of the “Modern Mystery School” reported that they were targets of physical exploitation and financial harassment. Miley Cyrus has so far not commented on the news.


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