Bad Bunny appears with necklace by Kendall Jenner

Bad Bunny (Photo: Instagram)
Bad Bunny (Photo: Instagram)

Last Sunday (27), through social networks, Bad Bunny shared a publication in which he appears with a necklace with a pendant of the letter “K”. Followers and fans realized that the object makes reference to Kendall Jenner, since in most episodes of “The Kardashians” the model always appears with the necklace.

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In the same week, the singer also published a photograph of the tequila brand “818” in which Kendall Jenner is the owner. In addition, in the same share, there is a video in which the model’s voice appears in the background, implying that the couple were really together when the images were recorded.

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So far, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner haven’t made their relationship public. However, both are constantly being spotted together, whether it’s performing or walking the streets.

In an interview with the “Wall Street Journal Magazine”, the model was asked about her relationships and rumors of her new relationship with Bad Bunny, however, Kendall Jenner said that she prefers to keep her relationship as something sacred and private. “I try to find the balance of keeping things private and also not letting everyone’s unfortunate frustration and stress try to get in there and keep me from enjoying it,” she said.

Bad Bunny seems to agree with the vision of his new girlfriend, since in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine he said that he also prefers to keep his relationships in a way that is more away from the media and that this would be the way to protect his bonds with his loves.


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