Miley Cyrus says performing live is still difficult

“The show only lasts 90 minutes, but that's her life
“The show only lasts 90 minutes, but that's her life". (Photo: Instagram)

Last Monday (28), in a series of videos for the promotion of her new song “Used To Be Young”, Miley Cyrus commented that performing live remains difficult even after years of her career, and how the occasions still affect your mental health.

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“The show only lasts 90 minutes, but that’s her life. If you’re performing at a certain level of intensity and excellence, there should be an equal amount of recovery and rest,” said Miley Cyrus, stating her difficulty in training how to turn off the artist’s ego.

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The singer continued to explain: “Having every day the relationship between you and other humans being a subject and an observer is not healthy for me, because it erases my humanity and my connection, and without my humanity, my connection, I cannot be a composer, which It’s my priority.”


Miley Cyrus’s latest release, released last Friday (25), discusses controversial moments in her career, especially in her early adulthood. The song reflects on the moments when the singer felt lost and her perception of the various periods in which she was this way.

“I’ve spent the last 18 months painting a sound picture from my perspective to share with you. The time has come to release a song that I could perfect forever. Although my work is done, this song will continue to be written every day. The fact that it remains unfinished is part of its beauty. This is my life right now, unfinished but complete,” said Miley Cyrus.



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