Biden says he will give ‘major speech’ about aid to Ukraine

Biden says he will give 'major speech' about aid to Ukraine. (Photo: Instagram)
Biden says he will give 'major speech' about aid to Ukraine. (Photo: Instagram)

President Joe Biden said this Wednesday (4), that he will soon give a key speech on the importance of supporting Ukraine, while the policy adopted in Washington puts aid to Kiev at risk in its response to the action of the Russian military.

“I’m going to announce very soon a major speech that I’m going to give on the issue and why it’s critically important for the United States and our allies that we keep our commitment,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

US announces forgiveness of over US$9 billion in student debt:

Another important news of the day is that the United States government announced this Wednesday (4), another US$9 billion in student debt forgiveness, benefiting 125 thousand people.

In the press release, the White House said the action builds on “everything the Biden-Harris administration has done to make college more affordable and ensure that student loans are not a barrier to opportunities for students and families.”

Thus, among those awarded, 53,000 will receive debt relief under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program – aimed at public servants and employees of non-profit organizations.

Thus, in practice, the program forgives the student debt of people who have worked in the public service for at least 10 years and have already paid 120 loan installments.


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