New Online Games to Try in 2024


If you are into games in general and video games in particular, 2024 has something for you to offer. Already in the first several months of the year, dozens of cool games were released and hundreds are already announced, ready to be released later this year. 

It is close to impossible to list all the published and expected games in all niches so better go check the publishers’ websites for more details. 

In this post, however, we give a brief overview of some of the most anticipated video games and mobile games that you can check out already. 

Video Games Released (Or Yet To Be Released) in 2024 

There are hundreds of video games, big and small, of various genres, listed on publishers’ websites and just copying the list would be unwise. Instead, just take a look at five top games players have been drooling over for some time already. 


In Frostpunk 2, players construct a bustling city, manage resources, and face tough choices like sending kids to work or school. The game promises more challenge and depth than its first version. It pushes players to cope with morality in harsh conditions and make truly uneasy decisions. 

The game is full of strategy but also pushes some ethical questions up to the surface. Frostpunk 2 forces players to think long-term, contemplating the value of individuality compared to the survival of the community. Intense strategic gameplay here clashes with moral choices and personal values, making Frostpunk 2 a gaming gem that is truly engaging. 

Alone in the Dark 

Alone in the Dark is a mix of classic survival horror with a touch of nostalgia that reminds of old horror movies. However, some players may find it not modern enough. Set in the 1920s, players join the quest with Emily Hartwood and Detective Carnby to uncover the mysteries of the mansion. This is a true 1920s classic with a typical somewhat predictable storyline and in-game puzzles. Besides being entertaining and atmospheric, Aline in the Dark is also a piece of gaming history, reminding us of the original roots of the story and the genre itself. 

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has to both meet the sky-high expectations of its fans impressed by all the previous games and also show the chapter of the main heroes’ journey across Gaia. To be honest, the game does not surpass all its predecessors even despite its high quality in all aspects. 

While most players enjoy open-world games, in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth it is so open that it becomes tiring at some point. Also, the pacing is somewhat uneven which may make some players a bit frustrated about the adventure. However, the narrative is still very captivating and the visual aspect of the game leaves nothing to be desired. Even despite its obvious flaws, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth still carries the essence of the most beloved RPGs. 

Skull and Bones 

Skull and Bones offers its players a sailing experience with customizable ships and weapons, offering diverse gameplay possibilities. The game’s release has been delayed several times but eventually, after it was published, it must be said that it doesn’t really fall behind expectations. Despite the skepticism of the players waiting for it, Skull and Bones is a 60-hour enjoyable adventure. 

The game is set in the 17th century in the Indian Ocean and explores the intricacies of being a pirate at that time. Players can craft their identities and entertain naval combat tactics.  

Open Roads 

Open Roads, probably due to resembling a walking simulator, may not capture every gamer’s interest initially. If you have ever played Gone Home you may find Open Roads a bit simpler in general. The story is a rather captivating thriller set in 2003 Michigan and it gives a nostalgic note to many players. The start of the game is slow but it is still worth trying to discover its perks. Open Roads offers rich environments, very decent voice acting, and absolutely brilliant character development. By the end of the game, the protagonists feel like real people with relatable emotions. While it must be said that the game is definitely not for everyone, its immersive environment will for sure find its fans. 

Mobile Games and Other 2024 Games 

Besides video games, there are other games that many players around the world anticipate. If you are into online slots and love Sweet Bonanza free spins no deposit but don’t mind exploring newer products, check out the list below! 

These high-quality online slot games are already released so you can try them out for free: 

  • The Dog House – Dog or Alive (Pragmatic Play) 
  • Sugar Rush 1000 (Pragmatic Play) 
  • Easter Eggspedition (Play’n GO) 
  • Ripe Rewards (Pragmatic Play) 
  • Rusty & Curly (Hacksaw Gaming) 
  • Bronco Big Bounty (Alchemy Gaming) 
  • Dracula Darkest Flame (Spinomenal) 
  • Piranha Pays (Play’n GO) 
  • Fire Portals (Pragmatic Play) 
  • Shaman Song (Red Rake) 

In case you are generally into playing quick mobile games but online slots are not exactly your cup of tea, check out mobile games with other mechanics released in 2024: 

  • Laya’s Horizon 
  • Wuthering Waves 
  • Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 
  • One Punch Man World 
  • Star Wars: Hunters 
  • Honkai: Star Rail 
  • Zenless Zone Zero 
  • Girls’ Frontline 2 

Final Thoughts 

The gaming industry is so active nowadays and the competition among the publishers is so dense that choosing a new game to try is close to impossible unless you know exactly what you want. Dozens of new games are published monthly on numerous platforms, and while you are giving them a try, even newer games arrive. This is why it makes sense to check out some reviews or recommended lists like the one in this post! 


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