Chris Froome reveals his desire to set up his own cycling school

The athlete continued to talk about his perception. (Photo: Instagram)
The athlete continued to talk about his perception. (Photo: Instagram)

Last Wednesday (05), in an interview with the Geraint Thomas Cycling Club podcast, Chris Froome revealed that for the next few seasons he aims to set up a cycling academy in Kenya, located in Africa. The athlete revealed that he is working hard to make the idea work.

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“Growing up in East Africa, in Nairobi, I used to run cross-country back there and we would always do inter-school cross-country or something, I would just get killed by the Kenyans. They are obviously the best long-distance runners in the world”, explained Chris Froome throughout the conversation.

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The athlete continued to talk about his perception: “There was always a part of me during all these years that I won the Tour that made me feel a little ridiculous and inadequate, knowing that there are much better athletes than me in East Africa. But they simply don’t have access to bicycles, cycling doesn’t exist there. They have no equipment, no training, no structure whatsoever.”

Chris Froome shared that he has had this desire for many years, being able to visualize the potential of new competitors and take them to training that they normally do not have access to. Starting his goal, the cyclist revealed that he is building the “Chris Froome Cycling Academy” which is located at the base of Mount Kenya, around 2,000 meters above sea level.

In addition to reporting on his dreams and desires, Chris Froome spoke about what he expects from the upcoming seasons in the sports category, stating that he misses the period when he only raced in stages and that it would be important to find a time to take a break between competitions. 


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